Fire Your AttorneyReasons to Fire Your Criminal Attorney

Reasons to Fire Your Criminal Attorney

You’re frustrated with your attorney, but you’re not sure whether or not it is worth firing him/her. If you’re upset because he/she is not returning your calls within 24 hours, that’s not a good reason to fire him/her (unless it’s habitual). On the other hand, if you’re frustrated with trust issues, that’s totally different. If you don’t feel you can trust your attorney, you will most likely not be comfortable with him/her handling your case. If your case has already gone to trial, you’ll need a really good reason to fire your attorney.

Ignoring Communication

If your attorney is in the habit of ignoring all communications from the court and other officials or individuals involved in your case, as well as ignoring your communication- that’s a good reason to be upset. If you feel your attorney is not responding to communication in an appropriate time period, talk to him/her about it. Attorneys are obligated to keep in touch with their clients, in addition to communicate with others regarding the case. Need a good attorney? Go to http://criminaldefenselawdallas.com/ for DEFENSE ATTORNEYS! Defense Attorneys aren’t all created equal.

Not Informing You of Offers

Both before and during the trial, the prosecutors can offer plea deals. Your attorney is obligated to keep you informed of this- even if he/she knows you’ll turn them down. If your attorney does not inform you and you find out about an offer, you can request that he/she be removed from your case. In addition, you can file a complaint of malpractice with the bar association.

Unable to Trust

When you have an attorney representing you, you should be able to trust that all communications a private. If, on the other hand, your attorney discusses your case with others- who you have not authorized- you can have him/her dismissed from the case- and it could also result in him/her losing their license to practice law.

Poor Performance

Even if you’re guilty and your attorney knows it, he/she is still obligated to defend you. If he/she is purposely sabotaging the case, offering poor legal advice, or neglecting necessary paperwork, it is a violation of the contract between you. In this case, you should not only fire him/her but also report him/her to the bar association of the dates and times as well as information that proves this lack of performance.